• multi shot cake:MUMMY'S CURSE
  • Finale:	Menace
  • Firecracklers (72 pk)
  • Finale:100 Shots Saturn Missiles
  • Atomic Bomb
  • Mystical Fire
  • Air Bomb
  • Candy pouch
  • Candy Bra
  • Game: Kamasutra
  • grinder
  • grinder
  • Scale 0.1
  • Urine luck
  • Mega clean
  • John fucking Deere
  • im lovin it
  • Shock pen
  • Fart bomb
  • Blue mouth candy
  • Fart candy
  • Fart Machine #2

About Us

The founder, André Dubois, was a man who had new ideas and was very innovative. Born of a shopkeeper father, he opened a grocery store on St-Vallier. He wanted to offer different products and put on the shelves tricks and jokes. He soon realized that these items were very popular and has renewed its inventory in larger quantities, giving them more space on these shelves. Despite the growth of his business, he decided to move to the "La cote de la montagne" in Quebec city, it was a very good decision, because it has doubled its turnover in the first year. Over the years he has offered new products to its customers, but always entertaining. Grocery items quickly disappeared to make room for entertaining products, such as costumes for Halloween, Santa Claus costumes, hats, streamers, balloons for the holidays. For several years Importation André Dubois Inc. has been a supplier of firecrackers, which earned him the reputation of "Dubois les pétards". There were also fireworks, which are still available in the store.

In 1972, new regulations of the federal government is banning the sale and possession of firecrackers was a blow to the company since the sale of these accounted for half of its turnover . Refusing to be discouraged, MrImportation André Dubois Inc. is the first sex shop in Quebec city. In the beginning, it was only a few products for sale to see the enthusiasm they would create, since it was not yet a product that people used back then. But he quickly conquered and developed this market that was needed to give some fantasy.

Upon his death in 1991, his son Alain, who had worked for him for several years, took over the family business, in addition to acquiring the building. There are several improvements such as the renovation of the facade of the store, a new sign and, of course, several renovations inside the store.

New products have also emerged such as funny T-shirts.