• multi shot cake:MUMMY'S CURSE
  • Finale:	Menace
  • Firecracklers (72 pk)
  • Finale:100 Shots Saturn Missiles
  • Atomic Bomb
  • Mystical Fire
  • Air Bomb
  • Candy pouch
  • Candy Bra
  • Game: Kamasutra
  • grinder
  • grinder
  • Scale 0.1
  • Urine luck
  • Mega clean
  • John fucking Deere
  • im lovin it
  • Shock pen
  • Fart bomb
  • Blue mouth candy
  • Fart candy
  • Fart Machine #2

Welcome to plaisirs Dubois...

Importation André Dubois Inc specializes in the entertainment field since 1944. We have a mission to make you have fun in all your activities.

Over the years, Importation André Dubois Inc has had the reputation of having products not found anywhere else. We have some tricks and jokes, t-shirts, fireworks and, among other things, a sex shop with a wide selection of video.

Importation André Dubois Inc. is the first sex shop in Quebec, our choice is highly diversified and will satisfy all tastes. Our staff has developed a strong expertise in the field, which makes them very competent and responsive to the needs and tastes of customers.

Confidentiality to our clients is a priority, we are very discreet considering that we offer other products.